Products & services

WEB3SCAN’s portfolio has three pillars: technology stack, data services and enterprise solutions.


Technology stack

WEB3SCAN’s technology stack produces and disseminates data. Either for individual classes of blockchain technologies or for a collection of classes of technologies. In addition WEB3SCAN develops software that facilitates its primary software activities though various infrastructure tools.

All our services are leveraging an Enterprise grade architecture able to service the most demanding customer and highest service levels.



Data services

WEB3SCAN’s data services provide access the data assets produced by our technology stack. Using enterprise grade technology we provide anyone to use the data as they see fit.



Enterprise services

We strongly believe that enterprise adoption of blockchain technology is inevitable. Initiatives such as: Energy Web Foundation and Libra are early but nonetheless clear indicators of this. Enterprise adoption will lead to a need for enterprise services. Enterprise adoption will open a huge market of first degree customers and second degree customers for services, such as: consulting, integration and service management activities.