WEB3SCAN offers multi-chain data services


WEB3SCAN’s activities are guided by a number of core-principles. The blockchain industry is heading towards a future with many specialized and interoperable blockchains. These blockchains will be built by utilizing a limited number of core technology frameworks. Specialization of skills leads to the emergence of highly competent ecosystem and industry service providers. Blockchain development teams, blockchain stewards and blockchain ecosystems as a whole will be more than happy to delegate the execution of non-core activities to these specialized service providers.

WEB3SCAN is a specialized service provider that offers products and services in support of its mission to make multi-chain data accessible and understandable.

Leadership team

Emiel Sebastiaan


Emiel Sebastiaan is Chief Executive Officer of WEB3SCAN. Emiel is an active participant in ‘Open Data NOW!’ and is a visible and respected community member in the Polkadot-ecosystem and broader blockchain industry.

Arjan Zijderveld


Arjan Zijderveld is Chief Technology Officer of WEB3SCAN. Arjan has a background in computer science and 15 years coding experience.

Dave Hoogendoorn

Director Business Development

Dave Hoogendoorn is Director Business Development of WEB3SCAN. Dave has been active in the IT industry for 27 years.